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Ulthera Thermage HIFU is a technology for skin lifting, restoring youth like “Hollywood celebrities”
Oct 16, 2015 21:10  |  Readed 41,378
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Ulthera Thermage HIFU is a technology for skin lifting, restoring youth like “Hollywood celebrities”

A beautiful appearance is usually the first issue when we talk about Hollywood superstars and celebrities, and they always improve and maintain their glowing and dramatic looks. We are going to talk about them-Hollywood superstars, let’s see!!  

Kim Kardashian’s face has changed dramatically over the years!!


Kim Kardashian is a sexy celebrity!! At 35 years of age, she has been famous in entertainment industry for a long period, with glowing radiant skin and a beautiful youthful appearance. A leading plastic surgeon – Dr. Anthony Youn has opened up and revealed the truth behind Kim. He commented that “Kim’s look has changed a lot along 8 years. I noticed that her nose is smaller, with a shorter nasal bridge and an improvement in nasal looks compared to 2006, so she has probably had Rhinoplasty surgery. In addition, her lips appear fuller with a Juvederm filler, and she has healthy smooth and perfect skin, which looks nicer compared to 8 years before! I think she has undergone various tightening treatments. And her cheeks look puffy and she looks younger than her age, which could indicate cheek enhancement by dermal volume fillers.
Halle Berry always takes good care of herself, even though she is getting older.


Halle Berry, a 48 years old world famous actress, stated that sometimes she considered having plastic surgery to maintain youthful looks, but that she didn’t decide yet. She agrees that cosmetic surgery is a solution to enhance beautiful appearance of many Hollywood celebrities. She said she will try to be a good looking elderly woman ''Even though I am getting older, I desire to be my own. I think plastic surgery can change you to become a different person, therefore I realize that the true beauty of everybody should come from taking very good care of yourself.''

Jennifer Aniston always has a bright and fresh look


Jennifer Aniston is a 46 years old super star who always maintains a bright appearance. Her Rhinoplasty surgery has been noticed to adjust and resize a slightly crooked nose to become more straight and a bit smaller with a natural look and difficult to notice. Fortunately, she is not a plastic surgery lover, so she maintains a bright and fresh appearance until now.

Kate Hudson desires having plastic surgery in the future!!


Kate Hudson is a 37 years old world famous actress and mother of two children, with a perfect facial appearance and shape. According to her interview to the InStyle magazine she doesn’t plan for plastic surgery yet, but she is not an anti-plastic surgery person, and she realizes that plastic surgery is common and that there are many Hollywood stars who maintain beauty with cosmetic surgery. In her case, she would like to have several surgeries in the future, such as in forehead area to reduce wrinkles and lines.   

Madonna Louise Ciccone, having fix age surgery!!


Madonna Louise Ciccone is a 57 years old world famous singer and songwriter. Her plastic surgery experience was published in New York Magazine under the head line of “The New New Face” showing the development of cosmetic surgery technology with higher standard gradually. And how plastic surgery can restore youthful looks with a natural appearance of many Hollywood stars, including herself to improve her sagging skin with plastic surgery, and tightening wrinkles and lines with Massetter Reduction.

Jennifer Lopez denies a rumor on twitter!! She is naturally beautiful.


Jennifer Lopez is a 46 years old glamorous and famous actress and singer of Hollywood. She said that she have never had any plastic surgeries. She tweeted back to an English surgeon who posted her photos comparing her looks at different times, to deny immediately that she never had plastic surgery, in front of her 25 million followers as “Excuse me, I would like to assure you that I never had any plastic surgery before it is the truth” and she also confirmed to Cosmopolitan magazine “no plastic or nothing wrong in her body and I think you have problem!! When you believe in your thoughts, other will believe in your thoughts as well”.

Sandra Bullock “realizes that she is beautiful” because of her son.


Sandra Bullock, 51-year-old actress, gave an interview to People magazine about her beauty tips since she was voted as the most beautiful women in the world in 2014. She laughed and said that "It is funny because real beauty is a beautiful mind, being nice and simply being a good mom and a good chef, and allowing others to do what they want without getting annoyed. This is real beauty from the inside in my opinion”. She also mentioned that she realizes that she is most beautiful because of her adopted 6 years old son “Louis”.

Therefore, we can see that many people, whether they are ordinary people or even Hollywood celebrities, desire a beautiful appearance and youthful looks. Currently, there are various skin tightening technologies. You have to consult a specialized surgeon who will consider your problem and recommend a suitable treatment for your condition. Let’s see several cosmetic procedures that improve wrinkles, restore youthful looks, and tighten skin for a gorgeous appearance!!
Various secrets to restore youth and stay young of Hollywood stars, and several skin- tightening and lifting devices that provide firm skin!! Youthful looks!! Restore youthful appearance!! And become attractive to your husband!!

A table of skin-tightening and lifting devices table




Suitable for



  - It allows doctors to see the layers of tissue they are treating.

  - Delivers ultrasound energy with high frequency waves into the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) underneath the skin deeper than the collagen layer.

  - The treatment combats natural sagging and damage of the skin.

  - This is a non-surgical procedure.

  - It can take 2 months to see the final result.

  - The results can last for 1-2 years.

  - Individuals who suffer from aging signs like sagging skin.




  - Radiofrequency (RF) from this treatment provides a heat energy which penetrates deep into the skin layers, effective at reducing wrinkles, and providing a firm and smooth skin texture.

  - This is a non-surgical procedure.

  - It can take 3 months to see the final result.

  - The results can last for 1-2 years if having treatments continuously.

  - Individuals who have located excess fat and desire to have firm skin.

  - Individuals who are available to have this treatment several times continuously for 6 months.





  - Emits ultrasonic energy at fixed points with high intensity (HIFU LINE) in the treatment area. The energy can also penetrate into the fascia tissue that supports the skin with a frequency of 1,000 times per second.

  - This quick emitting makes it painless during treatment.

  - This is a non-surgical procedure.

  - A significant improvement noticeable for people who have the treatment regularly, and results may be different from person to person, depending on the skin condition of individuals.

  - Results can last 6 months to 1 year.

  - Individuals who suffer from sagging skin and who desire to have firm skin, and who are available to have the treatment at least once a month.


Volume Lift


  - Corrects all skin problems, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and restores youthful looks with natural extracts of Hyaluronic acid (HA) filling.

  - Facial reshaping can be provided with filler treatment.

  - Treatment area will be naturally improved in appearance immediately after treatment and the results can last 2 years.

  - Individuals who desire to have firm skin and improve skin appearance immediately after treatment.

  - A specialized doctor consideration is required in case of facial reshaping.


Fat Lift



  - Uses laser energy to eliminate (melt) excess fat in a specific site of the face.

  - Dissolved fat will be sucked out by a small Cannula of the laser device without damaging and bruising of the surrounding tissue, and the treatment area is very small, like a needle spot.

  - Treatment spots will disappear within 7 days.

  - Significant improvement noticeable immediately.

  - The results will last if you take good care of yourself and control your diet regularly.

  - People who have facial excess fat in specific sites.

Thread lift
Max Lift

  - Tightens facial skin with firming function of fine dissolvable threads.

  - This is a non-surgical procedure.

  - The soluble part of the threads will be completely dissolved within 6 months.

  - Treatment area will be lifted and firmed, and will last for approximately a year. 

  - People who suffer from sagging skin in the face and the neck, have drooping brows, or who have nasolabial folds problem.

Facial lift

  - Eyebrow lift performed under microscope with a medical material called Endotine, which binds with the forehead bone (frontal bone).

  - A small incision will be made, accurately performed under microscope, and harmless to surrounding nerves and tissue.

  - Endotine enhances collagen formation. Provides firmer skin textures in the long term.

  - Significant improvement noticeable immediately with semi-permanent results.

  - Endotine is absorbed naturally by the body – leaving nothing behind within 6 months.

  - Tighter and firmer eyebrows, and the results can last 1 year.

  - Individuals with drooping skin on the forehead with deep wrinkles.

  - Individuals with eyebrows drooping.

  - Individuals who desire to have more dimensions of their eyelids.



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Filler Volume Lift (Facial reshaping)
Forehead, cheeks, chin, lower lid, lips


Photos and Information are All Rights Reserved for SLC. Results may be different from person to person

All skin lifting procedures stated above are methods to tighten and firm skin for a youthful appearance without any hospitalization and rehabilitation requirement, with effective and natural results. Specialized doctor consultation is required before having treatment in order to get the right treatment and the best results of skin lifting-tightening for sagging or drooping skin to “restore youthful looks” to everybody.
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