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5 Facts about Ulthera by SLC that will make you ‘‘Dare to change’’
Mar 07, 2016 12:47  |  Readed 5,868
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5 Facts about Ulthera by SLC that will make you ‘‘Dare to change’’

5 Facts of Ulthera by SLC

1. SLC was the first Ulthera distributor in Thailand 5 years ago, since we researched about this device for a long period before importing it (Ulthera) from USA, and then we sold out our entire inventory of old model skin-tightening devices.

2. We immediately got 25 clients for Ulthera treatment in the first 2 weeks.

3. Currently, there are 120 Ulthera devices in all over Thailand, and most are in Bangkok.

4. We were awarded Ulthera number 1 “real number 1” 4 years in a row, since we use special Tips or to deliver ultrasound energy “maximum”, and Ulthera devices are distributed in Thailand by SLC only.

5. Ulthera is quality audited and researched regularly.

We ensure that you receive Ulthera treatment with“CHAMP Ulthera”
Dr. Pimphida Waranyurattana,M.D. states that “We trust in the results of much research into the dramatically effectiveness of tightening and firming technology with Ulthera treatment, and we do not follow the trends of Korean thread lift or gold thread lift which might cause various side effects afterwards. We are expanding a lot during these 2-3 years compared to 5 years ago where we had only a few branches. (< 5 branches). It was not easy to become trusted and have satisfied customers. Thank you so much to all customers, our qualified medical team and staff for making us successful today.
If you missed out on learning, you will miss out on CHANGING. TIME WILL TELL.

Cr. Drdaslc

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