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Buttock Augmentation
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Buttock Augmentation

A round and curvy buttock is attractive and makes your body figure more distinct.  Furthermore, it enhances self-image and self-confidence, no matter for clothing, good personality and career path.

The medical technique to improve round-shaped and natural-looking buttocks is buttock augmentation surgery.  It has recently become more popular because the surgery technology has been developed progressively for more safety and desired buttock shape.   
Buttock Augmentation (Surgery)
Buttock augmentation is an incision implanting silicone-filled bags within tissues of the buttock.  The silicone material, the same kind that is used in breast augmentation but of different appearance and shape, is designed and produced particularly for buttock augmentation.  The surgeon will determine and choose appropriate silicone bag-size for the buttock of each patient.

Silicone-bag types for buttock augmentation
Highly qualified silicone bag is designed to bear crashing force and compression well.  The silicone bag contains high-density gel, making it suitable especially for buttock augmentation.  The bag has 2 shapes, including sphere and eclipse (oval).  The surgeon will determine and choose appropriate silicone bag-shape for the buttock of each patient.   

Position to place the silicone-bag
Depending on the buttock shape and desire of clients, as well as the surgeon determination on individual appropriateness.     

Steps of buttock augmentation procedure

  • The anesthetist administers anesthetics to the patient, then lying prone (face down).

  • The surgeon makes 1-2 incisions, of 4-5 cm. width, on top of the butt joint.

  • Implant/insert a silicone bag at the position appropriately for individual buttocks.

  • Suture the buttock muscle and layered subcutaneous.

Operating period

  • The surgery usually takes 1.5-2 hours, depending on each person.

Care after buttock augmentation surgery

  • In the first week, lie prone (face down), to reduce fissure of the incision wound.

  • Refrain from heavy physical activities for 1 month

  • Cut silk suture after 2 weeks of surgery.

  • Strictly follow the directions from the doctor and/or nurses.

  • Completely take all prescribed medicines to relief pain and reduce swelling.

  • Meet the doctor according to appointments and in case of any abnormal symptoms, please consult the doctor immediately.  


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