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Vaser Smooth
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Vaser Smooth

Eliminate excess fat and cellulite! With “Vaser Smooth”
Vaser Smooth is a liposuction technology that was designed for double (x2) effects that both eliminate excess fat in selectively target areas, and also break up cellulite in areas with superficial fatty tissues for smooth and firm skin. This procedure uses ultrasound waves to emulsify fat and also uses a small device to break up fatty tissue that creates cellulites. The procedure is safe and U.S. FDA-approved

Procedures of cellulite elimination with “Vaser Smooth”
1. A small incision a cm in diameter is performed to insert a small device
2. The treatment area will be injected with a saline solution and an anesthetic
3. Vaser Smooth device will emit ultrasonic energy to break down fat. It will be inserted under the skin and directly touch the fat that is to be eliminated
4.  The melted fat is a liquid and it is sucked out gently without damaging surrounding tissues

What body areas can be treated with “Vaser Smooth”?

“Vaser Smooth” results with double effects (x2)
• Cellulite is removed, resulting in smooth and firm skin after the first treatment
• Better shape
• The skin in treatment site is firmer

5 benefits of cellulite elimination with “Vaser Smooth”

Review Cellulite elimination with “Vaser Smooth” 

Post “Vaser Smooth” treatment care
• Bruising in treatment areas may occur in some cases, which can persist for about 2 weeks.
• Take medication following the doctor’s prescription and the sutures will be removed by your doctor.

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