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Post Surgery Program
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Post Surgery Program

SLC is available to provide a consultation of post-surgical rehabilitation program as if you were our family member
The Post-Surgery Program for rehabilitation after surgery is our extra service apart from our main services, including a consultation about beauty concerns, surgical procedures to improve your appearance and shape, VIP Deluxe accommodation for any client who would like to stay overnight nearby our clinics in order to have close care from our doctors and nurses

What you should do after your cosmetic surgery in order to recover quickly?
There are various conditions that many clients are concerned about having cosmetic surgery, such as swelling, surgical scars, uneven skin tone in surgical sites, etc. Therefore, following your doctor’s instructions and having the right post-surgical care is required in order to have faster recovery in the surgical site with a shorter rehabilitation period and to be able to resume normal activities quickly. We also offer a medical service called “Post-Surgery Program”, which is a post-surgical rehabilitation program to give you peace of mind after the surgical procedure completed.  

Post-Surgery Program

3 medical techniques to minimize swollen condition after having surgery

1. Cool Laser
An innovation that activates the surgical site with laser energy in order to minimize swelling of the surgical incision for natural tight and firm skin.

2. RF (Radio Frequency)
Radiofrequency (RF) energy treatment is technology for minimizing the swelling after surgery with a mild radiofrequency energy that is safe and effective. A principle of the treatment is based on giving Radiofrequency (RF) heat into the deep layer of the skin. The heat will improve blood and lymphatic circulation which increases waste elimination in the form of lymphatic fluid.

3. Post-Surgery Anti-Inflammatory Injection
This is a procedure where anti-inflammatory medication will be directly injected into the surgical areas that are swollen, in order to minimize swollen and inflamed areas. The effectiveness of result depends on the degree of the individual swelling.

2 medical techniques to improve surgical scars after surgery

1. Skin-Lightening Injection is a procedure where lightening medicine is injected to concern areas in order to have a natural and even skin tone.

2. Keloid Removal Injection is a treatment where Keloid Removal medicine is injected to the skin concern areas to minimize degree of keloid or scars to obtain even smooth and even skin.
Remarks: Number of treatment sessions depends on the individual patient’s response to the treatment.

However, there are different post-surgical side effects and complications of individuals, where some cases have only slightly swelling and the surgical incision is recovered in a short period, but some have post-operative swelling and bruising with dark incisions that may take several months to be cured. Therefore, the post-surgical care program depends on the conditions of the surgical site and a specialized doctor will design a treatment plan depending on the client’s need, with safe procedures. 

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