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It is so amazing!! An engineer girl had a “makeover” and became a beautiful girl with sweet looks like this.
May 27, 2016 13:52  |  Readed 553,314
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It is so amazing!! An engineer girl had a “makeover” and became a beautiful girl with sweet looks like this.

It was a big challenge since we were going to provide her with a makeover program!
When we reviewed her photos before having a makeover, we were quite surprised!! 
A makeover was the only way to resolve her problem! This engineer girl might look fresh and happy like general people, but actually no one could see that she had an unexpected sad mind!  Khun Parn –Natchapha Phafongsamut - one of the participants of Makeover by SLC Season 3.

She had to put on glasses to hide her flat nose 
“My weak point when I was a child was that I had a flat nose with a low nasal bridge. I surely aimed to have a Rhinoplasty after I graduated since my flat nose caused me to lose confidence. I was embarrassed and avoided to have eye contact with other people and, I didn’t dare to do various activities. Therefore, I liked to put on glasses to conceal my flat nose when I had to have contact with people.

I was also teased by others that I had “big legs” but I never gave up trying to reduce the size of my legs!  
“Actually, I didn’t concern myself so much about my face and upper body parts, but I am a small size girl with big legs that were disproportionate to my body, therefore I usually felt unconfident when I wore short skirts because my friends liked to tease me that I had “big legs”. I didn’t take it serious in the beginning but there were more teasing later which affected my emotions. So I aimed to improve my look and personality.

I wished to have "a gorgeous look" before my graduation ceremony” so I decided to apply for Makeover by SLC
“I heard about the Makeover by SLC contest from a talk show called Beauty Magic by  SLC. I applied and I also informed my family about my aims and Makeover by SLC. My parents allowed me to try since they realized that I would like to be good looking before the graduation ceremony, and they didn’t know whether I would be chosen for the Makeover program or not, so they just asked me to do my best for the contest.”

From the first time when Khun Parn from makeover by SLC Season 3 was having counseling with our specialized doctors
SLC surgeons recommended various treatments for her in order to improve her entire body appearance. Dr. Pimpida, M.D, the head of specialized doctor team of Makeover by SLC, mentioned about her that “The first time I met her she didn’t have very feminine look and dress, she was just a girl with ordinary looks and she was not ugly at all. She wished to have more feminine looks which inspired me to provide her with a makeover program! I was quite sure that she would improve in appearance and personality after getting the program from us

12 treatments of makeover program that provided magical beauty for her before “a graduation ceremony”

1. Double Eyelid Surgery - Click! For more information
Double Eyelid Surgery was included by a specialized surgeon in order to provide bigger eyes that are harmonious with the rest of her facial composition, and the surgery also improved the eye appearance like that of a sweet girl.

2. Babii Lips (Lip Reduction Surgery) - Click! For more information

3. Chin Augmentation with a premium grade of medical grade extra soft silicone - Click! For more information
The specialized surgeon stated about Parn’s Chin Augmentation that “since she had quite big cheeks with a weak and cleft chin similar to masculine looks, about 5 mm shorter than the proper chin length. Therefore, the surgeon enhanced about 5mm of her chin with Chin Augmentation to balance the facial profile and improve facial harmony.”

4. Rhinoplasty with a premium grade of medical grade extra soft silicone Click! For more information
The first Rhinoplasty with “closed technique” with an extra soft silicone grade A in order to extend the nasal tissue about 5 -10%  and for the body to adjust to the silicone

The second Rhinoplasty with “closed technique” after the nasal tissue increased enough to be inserted by silicone implant implantation to achieve a pleasing nose in an appropriate shape with the rest of her facial composition.

5. Breast Augmentation surgery with making incision in the fold beneath the breast and 230 ml silicone per breast being implanted under the breast muscle. - Click! For more information

Breast Augmentation

6. Claves Reduction - Click! For more information
In case of bodyweight, she was the only one among all the participants of Makeover by SLC who didn’t suffer from overweight condition, therefore the weight loss program was not required for her case but a reshaping was needed instead. Various medical procedures was performed in order to provide a better shape for her, including the Claves reduction treatment with Massetter Reduction, and then the outer thigh fat deposits were eliminated with Vaser Lipo Selection.  

7. Vaser Lipo Selection of outer thighs Click! For more information
The outer thigh fat deposits were removed with Vaser Lipo Selection technology and then liposuction technique was applied in order to extract about 600-700 ml of melted fat. The result in the treatment area will be noticed as slimmer outer thighs with smoother skin textures.

8. V - Beam Laser technology to heal capillary abnormalities of the right cheek - Click! For more information

9. Acne Control 1, a skin nourishing program was provided in order to treat acne and reduce acne inflammation - Click! For more information


10. Facial hair was removed with Gentle Yag Laser technology   - Click! For more information
The Gentle Yag Laser is a medical procedure of hair removal that provides a smooth skin without any facial hair, and which also makes make-up cosmetics adhere better to the facial skin better and for longer a period.

11. Eyelash Extensions (Cute Style) by Claire by SLC   - Click! For more information

12. Eyebrow Micropigmentation by "Claire by SLC"   - Click! For more information

Makeover by SLC remain beauty in your unique style “no one can copy"

A beautiful graduation girl is ready for the graduation ceremony!
“There was one happy day in my life – the day when I received my bachelor degree certificate. My parents and all my family members were happy, and I was even happier since I was confident with my looks and many friends noticed that my appearance had improved. In addition, I also received the certificate from a princess of the Thai Royal Family which was proud moment for me and my family – and confidence in my appearance was an important factor that fulfilled my happiness."

“Beauty” can provide “Confidence”   
I am working as an engineer of a planning field, and I think that a good personality is required for my work in terms of making relations to others easily. I dare to meet and contact many people, including my colleagues, since I am confident in my improved looks both in term of my appearance and personality. This makes me very happy. And my family members, especially my mother, always support me and they are glad that I am happy. Thank you so much to the medical team and all staff at SLC for providing the makeover for me”


"Good health" is an award for my life
"SLC not only provided the chance of beauty and confidence for me, but I have also learned how to take care myself for a good health, especially because I have a chance to exercise more often, compared to before where I usually exercised only at home. Nowadays, I’ve joined marathon running for health in several events because I think a beautiful appearance should come along with a good health. Therefore, healthy by doing exercise regularly is a big award of my life that provides beauty from inside for me.


It is so amazing that an engineer girl had “makeover” and became a beautiful girl with sweet looks like this!!
After she completed various treatments of Makeover by SLC Season 3, we always continue to provide beauty treatments and care for the entire body of all participants of Makeover by SLC. Let’s see how her beauty looks nowadays!


Makeover is Easy and provides you good looks in your style
At SLC Clinic, we are available to perform Makeover treatments for your entire body in order to improve your appearance with high confidence, which makes you dare to do something that you’ve desired to do before and increases chances to get various opportunities in your life. Makeover is Easy, provides you with good appearance and "still remain" your own style.

Thank you 
An interview from Khun Parn – from Makeover program by SLC Season 3
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