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What made “Maesa'' thought of getting a plastic surgery? Let’s check it out!
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What made “Maesa'' thought of getting a plastic surgery? Let’s check it out!

An overnight celebrity! Fashionable high society girl Maesa Wanwilai 
It was a sensational story several years ago. When the property developer millionaire heir appeared in a high society event, " Maesa Wanwilai Techasomboon " started to be focused  by the media to focus overnight due to her confidence of being a fashion celebrity.  However, she calls herself “a fashion victim", she has to get dressed up with jewelry, dress, and shoes valued at almost a million THB to appear at every event so she could be the focus of the event but there had always been a trend that she had to answer to, which was “why would she not get plastic surgery done.”

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I do not care about gossip about not getting plastic surgery l have no comment and I am not against it.
“Previously, there was a very strong trend on how I dressed.  I enjoy dressing up.  At that time, I had not done anything to because I felt that there was nothing that I was missing plus I was also still young and didn’t feel the need to get plastic surgery done so I wasn’t affected by the trend but I wasn’t against it and I was scared of being hurt.  The important thing is that if I get hurt, my parents would also be hurt, I care more for those who love me than people we only know superficially.  No one wants to not be beautiful. Everyone wants to be beautiful but it must be appropriate and acceptable by those we love

“The starting point" to consider plastic surgery
“Since I have been starting to be in the Celebrity industry, I took photo for magazine at events. The makeup artist and many more recommended me to get plastic surgery.  It’s as of my face was unbalance such as either my chin was too short or too long to chin filed too short. Sometimes it was recommended to get my teeth done but the real turning point for me was after the delivery of my child, my body and skin had changed a lot. I was then only 27 years old. I personally thought that I was still a young mother and I didn’t want to ignore myself because I still got photo shots for magazines so I thought of changing myself after the baby”

My love ones and family was the most important so they had to agree with the surgery before going thinking about it.
“The whole time, people say talked about beauty, I thought that if one day, I would meet a trustable doctor to assure me that it is safe. If I want to do something besides what I had studied it, besides having consulted a doctor, I would also consult with my love ones and if everyone accepts, I would do it the way I was and not change a lot to just look better.” 

Maesa Wanwilai wanted to look better the way she was.
“When I choose something or like something, I would also choose the best such as shoes and bags must be the best, including the selection of the best. This includes the clinic that I chose has to also be the best.  My sister recommended SLC so I went to see the doctor. What impressed me first was the consultation. It was more like having a conversation than selling or advertising.  Therefore, I decided on SLC to help me look better but still retain being Maesa Wanwilai.”

12 beauty services changed the mind of   Maesa Wanwilai to go ahead and get plastic surgeries done.

After Maesa having delivered the baby, her body changed and she was ready to boost her beauty with innovations or even surgery. Let's see how she has gone through to boost up her beauty.           

1. Laser Fat Lift adjusts the facial frame with liposuction to look even smaller. (Click!  for more information).       

2. Dermamag Treatment, the vitamins pushing technology similar to detoxing the facial skin to restore your skin leaving you with radiance facial skin. (Click!  for more information) 

3. Soft grade premium silicone adjusts short facial frame to be more slender (Click!  for more information) 
“I had been criticized on my teeth and had gone to many places for consultants some said that the jaw should be cut, some said that the gum should be cut, and some said that the jaw should be moved.  I wondered if it would come out well? The doctor advised that all that was needed to be done was Chin augmentation because it would already change us and make our faces look longer.”

4. Rhinoplasty with bone behind the ear hone silicone
 From Maesa having had a nose job done, a specialist surgeon recommended Rhinoplasty by entering premium grade silicone with bone behind the ear technical the advantage is the nose looking longer will also make the whole face look longer too (Click!  for more information)

5.  Contour Micropigmentation, the eyebrows design by professional stylist  (Click! for more information) 

6.  Claire Signature , 700 luxury style lashes (Click! For more information)

7. Double eyelid surgery fixes the uneven eyelids with the eye as well as eye and make it double eyelid from sweeter look ( Click! For more information)

8. Vaser Lipo Selection    (Click! For more information)

9. Subcision cuts the membrane caused by acne with medical device resembling a small knife to create new skin texture and raise holes caused by acne. (Click! For more information)      

10. CO2 Laser treats facial freckles and pimples by precisely delivering heat to cut problematic tissue.  (Click! For more information)

11. Fraxel Restore Laser, all over the face and abdomen stretch marks to grow new skin, treat stretch marks and raise holes caused by acne. (Click! ดูข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม)

12.  Make eyes brighter by using eyelash extensions with caramel color Macaron lash, Claire Signature technique.  (Click! For more information)

Family overjoyed! Go ahead and boost the beauty but safety must come first
“Everyone is happy because I’m happy. There have been changes made but I still retain my identity.  I feel better about myself and love myself more.  I’ve come back to take care of myself more.  Even though I have 2 kids and a husband to take care of, I still look bright and it's also made me happier with life.”

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If I could turn back time, I would have had undergone the plastic surgery from the beginning.
“I’d like to tell everyone that wants to get plastic surgery, I feel really lucky to have found SLC, a professional, clean, safe.  I’m very impressed every time I go there.  I don’t want you to base your decisions on promotion or discounts.  I believe that you should pay more attentions to safety.  Thank you SLC for all the excellent services.”

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