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Life is not a comedy! From a Likay joker to a stunning-looking young man
Jun 05, 2017 12:54  |  Readed 20,172
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Life is not a comedy! From a Likay joker to a stunning-looking young man

True life story revealed! “The former Likay joker”
Mr. Pongsakorn Rungruang, or Nice, a 19-year-old young man who had always dreamt of becoming a “lead actor” in the musical folk drama or Likay since he was young. Yet, he had been taking the role of a “joker” throughout the entire time that he’d helped his family business, in which his family has a “Likay ensemble” as the main occupation.

Caring too much about social perception that it leads to “inferiority”
Although his family business serves as a gateway to achieving his dream, in addition to his already-sufficient capability. Regardless, his appearance conversely marks him as a person with an “insufficient character” for taking the role of a “lead actor”. Mr. Nice himself stated, “My family indeed lets me play the role of a lead actor for our Likay ensemble. However, a lead actor needs to look good in terms of both physical appearance and characteristic. Concerning my appearance, I feel ashamed of myself. It’s better to let other better-looking actors to play the leading role. I believe that the audience will be more captivated by an attractive person with characteristics that are more suitable for the leading actor role.”

A “joker” in both real life and on stage
In real life, he had been verbally bullied by his friends regarding his appearance. Mr. Nice mentioned during the interview that, “I had always been bullied because of my face since I was a child. They’d call me the chicken pox face, bumpy face, or even termite face. At that time, I didn’t think too much about those negative comments. However, when I got older, I began to think that appearance and characteristic play an important role in this modern society, in the aspects of both career and life. This is the turning point that induces me to seek for a cosmetic surgery as a solution to my problem.”

The Beginning of Transformation: Makeover by SLC Season 4
“I’ve heard about this project from my family; they were watching Suay Sood Siam TV show that was showcasing Mr. Fluke, the Makeover Season 2. At the end of the show, I saw that it was opening for registration so I looked up the details on Facebook. I then decided to submit my video just to give it a try. Both of my parents and grandma also recommended me to register because they saw that this project had significantly transformed numerous people.”

The opportunity to transform himself has now begun!
From over 4,000 applicants in the Makeover by SLC Season 4, he is one of those who was given the opportunity to transform himself. How will the course of our makeover surgery transform this heavy-eyed, squared face and rough skin of this young man? We have gathered all of the brilliant techniques that contributed to the transformation of his appearance and image from three years ago and up until now.

Mr. Nice’s Facial Features prior to the Surgery

Two medical techniques for correcting facial proportions and changing the look preliminarily!

Double Eyelid Surgery corrects dropping eyelid caused by ophthalmoplegia
Mr. Nice originally had a network of fascia in his eyelids by birth, which restricts the eye muscles responsible for eyelid elevation and ultimately results in drooping eyelids. Our specialized surgeon therefore corrected this issue by using muscles from the forehead and eyebrows to elevate the eyes, as well as performing a double eyelid surgery to attain more defined eyes.

 Rhinoplasty Surgery through the use of silicone to support the original nose structure for a natural look that embraces men’s facial structure.    

Seven techniques for treating bumpy face! Inflammatory acne, acne scars, and rough skin texture

Mr. Nice’s skin was prone to inflammatory acnes due to hormonal causes, in which he had been suffered from this acne problem for a long period of time. He had also received acne treatment from other clinics. However, the non-continuous treatment, along with the behaviors of picking and scratching acnes, lead to the reoccurrence of acnes in the same spots with the appearance of scars and inflammatory acnes across his face. Our medical specialist began the treatment by addressing each of his issue through the provision of seven types of services as follows:

  • Subcision – a treatment for acne scars that uses a special hypodermic needle to incise the fibrotic strands, allowing the skin to generate new tissues with cosmetic improvement of the scar. After the surgery, there may be small bruises on the skin that last for approximately one week.

  • Fraxel Restore Laser – a laser treatment for acne scars and rough skin that stimulates the skin to generate new collagen and promotes skin exfoliation, revealing a smooth complexion. 

  • Acne Control – a skin treatment for inflammatory acnes and cutaneous scars.

  • V Beam Laser – the use of laser beam at a wavelength of 595 nm that provides treatment for vascular malformations, as well as relieves the inflammation and redness of acnes.

  • Dermamag – promotes the absorption of vitamins into the skin through dermabrasion, which is comparable to a detoxification that deeply cleanses the skin. 

  • Meso Nano Treatment – one of the latest technologies that breaks down vitamins into nanoparticles, enabling effective delivery of vitamins into the skin on the face and neck. 

  • Detox Blink – nourishes the skin internally and rehabilitates the body from post-surgery, giving a fresh feeling with a healthier skin. 

He also engaged in a healthcare course that includes regular exercise and healthy diet.

Four techniques that transform a squared face into a V-line face 

  • Masseter Reduction
    A Botox injection is a preliminary procedure that is performed to adjust the shape of the face shape and identify changes after the procedure, as well as observing the degree of masseter reduction and predicting changes to the face shape. After that, the medical specialist will contemplate other methods of treatment. Once Mr. Nice’s masseter had gradually reduced, the frame of his face progressively became slimmer.

  • V line Surgery
    Although his masseter had greatly reduced, the jawbone itself was wide and therefore caused a square-shaped face. Our experienced surgeon proceeded with reshaping his face by correcting the facial bone structure, from contouring the cheekbones and performing a V-line surgery to slim down the shape of his face and reduce the appearance of jaws, as well as lengthening the chin. These three parts were undergone a surgical procedure altogether at once.

  • Cheekbone Contouring Surgery

  • Chin Implant using a specially soft silicone with Premium+ grade 

  • Thermage 600 Shots for a facelift and slimmer face. 

A collection of techniques for oral treatment and orthodontics by COSDENT by SLC

The orthodontist from Cosdent by SLC had analyzed the dental anatomy of Mr. Nice and found that he had crowding teeth as well as an impacted wisdom tooth –the main cause of the misalignment of teeth. Accordingly, the orthodontist decided that Mr. Nice should undergo an orthodontic treatment using the technology of Damon System to reposition his teeth beautifully. This technology is one of the approach of orthodontics that delivers a faster result than typical orthodontic treatments.

Prior to the orthodontic treatment, he had undergone a dental prophylaxis and stain removal with Air Flow technology, as well as periodontal scaling and dental filling for tooth decay.

Life is not a comedy! From a Likay joker to a stunning-looking young man
A compilation of 16 techniques of Mr.Nice’s transformation:
Makeover by SLC Season 4

  1. Correction of drooping eyelid caused by ophthalmoplegia Click! For more information

  2. Rhinoplasty surgery with a silicone Click! For more information

  3. Cheekbone contouring surgery Click! For more information

  4. V-line surgery  Click! For more information

  5. Chin implant Click! For more information

  6. Masseter Reduction Click! For more information   

  7. Thermage 600 Shots Click! For more information

  8. Subcision

  9. Acne Control Click! For more information

  10. V Beam Laser Click! For more information

  11. Fraxel Restore Laser Click! For more information

  12.  Dermamag Treatment Click! For more information

  13.  Meso Nano Treatment Click! For more information

  14.  Detox Blink Click! For more information

  15. Periodontal scaling, dental filling, and stain removal using Air Flow from Cosdent by SLC Click! For more information

  16. Orthodontic treatment using Damond from Costdent by SLC Click! For more information

The family is pleased with their son’s total life changes

“After the surgery, my family saw the transformation and everyone was happy because the before-and-after looks are completely different. In terms of career, my joker role has switched into a lead actor role that enables me to contribute more to the family income. I am now much more confident and more committed to work. I am no longer concerned about how others perceive me. My performance as a leading actor in Likay truly comes from my heart.”

Every negative remark is a “driving force” behind all of the changes in life
I would like to thank all of those who had underestimated me because their negative remarks and insults were the driving force that gave me the courage to change myself. As for those who would like to change yourself but are lacking the courage, if you merely think but do not take any actions, there will obviously be no result. I believe that everyone can overcome their fear if they have the driving force and the trust in themselves.

Are you now surrounded by a lot of girls?
“When I was a child and flirted with girls, they never took me seriously and treated me as if I was a joker. Adding on to that was my bad-looking appearance. So it was not surprising that nobody was attracted to me. But now, things have changed. It is much easier for me to talk to other people and get to know them. They no longer disdain me because I have a better personality. Even if we are not talking about flirting with girls, it is much easier to meet new people who are more willing to listen to my opinions.”

The “opportunity” that you can create by yourself
“I would like to thank all of the doctors and everyone in the SLC team who had been taking good care of me. Thank you so much for the opportunity in transforming me. It is also one of my driving forces because on the day that I put up a wall against the opportunity of becoming a lead Likay actor, it was due to my lack of self-confidence. Today, I am now a much better looking guy and able to achieve my goal in becoming the “lead Likay actor” – I finally did it. In addition to my family, SLC is one of the contributors to my success. Although the Makeover Season 4 had already ended, SLC still takes care of me until today. I could never repay your continuous help and support. I would like to thank all of you with all my heart.”

The course of transformation of participants in the Makeover by SLC project "One single thought of changing oneself is always a good start”

Many thanks for the interview from Mr. Nice, Makeover by SLC Season 4
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