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HOT! "IDOL EYES" – an eyelid lift procedure for charming eyes! This procedure is very popular nowadays.
Aug. 21, 2015 19:58  |  Readed 22,609
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Double eyelid surgery with an inner corner fold removal (medial epicanthoplasty) called IDOL EYES enhances appearance to become more attractive. Don’t miss!

This technique is very popular nowadays, especially for Asian women and most Thai women, where the eye size is quite small with a lot of eye fold (“the Mongolian fold”) which obstructs the inner corner of the eye. People who are bothered by a very prominent fold often complain that so much of their inner eye is covered that they look like their eyes are not charming! Therefore, an inner corner fold removal (medial epicanthoplasty) can be used to lengthen the horizontal eyelid opening which results in a bigger, more alert eye appearance, which surely satisfies Thai women!

Here is a beautiful girl “Khun Pink”, our lovely client who consulted with our doctor and considered having Double eyelid surgery, but she also wanted to be a sweet looking girl! So she asked for double eyelid surgery with inner corner fold removal (medial epicanthoplasty) for having bigger eyes and improving eye appearance, like the character of a sweet girl! So she is a real "IDOL EYES" girl!

Double eyelid surgery requires an expert surgeon. In this case, Khun Pink had a double fold inside and an epicanthal fold at the inner corner of the eye, creating a short and stuffy appearance of double eyelid creases. Our surgeon provided a double eyelid surgery with inner corner fold removal for her, now she’s become a sweet girl with an eye figure of more sweet and energetic eyes.

“I have more confidence since my eyelid surgery was completed. My eyelids are firmer and tighter, and my eyes look brighter and clearer. In the beginning my boyfriend didn’t agree with me for having eyelid surgery, since he was concerned about unexpected side effects. After I had the surgery, he was happy with my fresher look, and it seems that he is quite worried when I have eye contact with other guys..that makes me so shy…haha"

สาวๆคนไหนที่อยากมีดวงตาคู่สวยแบบ IDOL EYES ก็สามารถเข้ามาปรึกษากับทาง SLC ได้นะค๊า … อย่าช้าล่ะ!! เทรนด์นี้กำลังมาแรงเลยน๊าาา…

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