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About Us


Why SLC?

SLC Siam Laser Clinic is an ultimate holistic skin care clinic with over 17 years of trust and satisfaction of clients. We provide a full range of beauty treatment that is performed by specialized skin doctors. Our service includes skin care and all kinds of cosmetic body surgery. We use modern medical instruments and a fully Automatic Autoclave which are in accordance with the international standard and certified by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), of both Thailand and USA, and our clinics and facilities are clean and complies with the standards of the Ministry of Public Health.
We focus on providing service fitting to clients’ need, to keep them safe and satisfied. Word-of-mouth referrals from previous clients provide new clients continuously.

“We focus only on the best technologies for you”

We are available to provide counseling about beauty problems from head to toe

Facial treatment
Skin care
Body Shape
Cosmetic Surgery

Awards Medical

2020 : Awarded “ Most Valued Customer 2020 “ from Hansbiomed Thailand , performed the high number of Thread Lift in the year2020

2020 : The real number 1 of facial lifting treatment in Thailand, 12 years consecutively awarded by Merz Aesthetics with performing 6 million shots of Ultherapy transducers

  • Awarded “The Top Achiever for Ultherapy Transducer”
  • Awarded “The Infinite Award for Merz Dermal Filler” (Belotero)

2020 : Received 2 awards "Facial Aesthetic" from Allergen Thailand, performed the most number of Botox and Demal Fillers in Thailand

  • Top Allergan Aesthetics value customer (Facial Aesthetics 2020)
  • Excellent Allergan Aesthetics value customer


  • Iconic Thermage Lifting Treatment, the best for face lifting treatment.
  • Iconic Fat Killer Treatment, the best for body reshaping treatment.
  • Iconic Brightening Pad, Clair Triple C Skin Booster Treatment Pad, the best whitening facial pad.

2020 : Awarded “Golden Record Award 2020”

  • Ultherapy Transducers Highest Achievement SLC Siam Laser Clinic Thailand, 11 consecutive years.
  • APAC : Ultherapy Transducers 2nd Runner Up Highest Achievement Asia Pacific (Category A), 5 consecutive years.

2020 : Awarded “Top 10 Premium Clinic” 2019 from Galderma Aesthetics Thailand ,
Skin care and Aesthetics clinic who has provided patients with high-quality products with the high standards of professionalism and safety.

2020 : SLC Clinic received 2 prestigious awards from Merz Aesthetics Thailand Co.,Ltd.

  • The Thailand Number one Top Achiever for Ultherapy Transducers, performed the highest number of Ultherapy in Thailand.
  • The Winner Thailand Top Achiever for Merz Portfolio, performed the highest number of Ultherapy , Dermal Filers ( Belotero ) and Botulinum Toxin ( Xeomin ) in Thailand.

2019 : Awarded SLC “Top Spender Clinic” 2019 , Skin care clinic who has performed the highest number of Dermal Fillers branded Juvederm Volite in Thailand, by Allergan Thailand.

2019 : Awarded “The Best user Experience”
“The Best user Experience” from Quantum Healthcare , performed the most number of “Ultraformer III” (Ulralift) in Thailand.

2019 : Awarded “Best Beauty Clinic Face Lifting” from OK 14th Anniversary Bold and Beautiful 2019

2019 : 4 Awarded “Golden Record Award 2019 "

  • Highest Achiever Winner for Ultherapy Transducers, SLC Clinic has performed the most number of Ultherapy Transducers in Thailand for ten consecutive years.
  • Highest Achiever Winner for Merz Portfolio, performed the highest number of Ultherapy, Dermal fillers and Botolinum Toxin in Thailand.
  • APAC Award, 2nd Runner up Ultherapy Transducers Highest Achiever (Category A), performed the third highest number of Ultherpy Transducers in Asia-Pacific.
  • APAC Award, 2nd Runner up Merz Portfolio Highest Achiever (Category A) from MERZ Aesthetics Thailand Co.,Ltd. , performed the third highest number of Ultherapy, Dermal Fllers and Botilinum Toxin in Asia-Pacific, award received in the Philippines.

Awarded “Golden Record Award Top 3 Country (Thailand), the skin care clinic who has performed the most number of Ulthera in Thailand, award received in Indonesia.

Awarded No1. of Endotine Forehead & Ribbon most Valued Customer (2016) from Genicon Co., Ltd.

2014 : Awarded No1. of Dysport's most Valued Customer (2014) from A.Menarini (Thailand) Limited (Botulinum Toxin Tppe A,UK)

2014 : Awarded No1. of Allergan HA Fillers most Valued Customer (2014) from Allergan (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

2012 – 2016 : Awarded in No.1 who use Ulthera Transducer has most cases for Ulthera in Thailand evaluated by number of Ulthera Transducer bought from Ulthera’s distributor

2010 : Awarded in No.1 in appreciation for top tip Fraxel user. (ข้อมูลจาก Reliant Tech's Distributor)

2010 : Awarded in Recognition of Vision and Leadership in Ultherapy Treatment

2010 : Awarded in No.1 in apprececiation for top tip Fraxel user in 2010 (ข้อมูลจาก Reliant Tech's Distributor)

2008 - 2009 : Awarded in No.1 who use Vaser Lipo has most cases for VASER Lipo Selection in Thailand evaluted by number of Vaser disable accessories bought from VASER’s distributor from June 2008 to May 2009

2006 : Awarded No.1 in number of Facial Reshaping procedures per - formed in Thailand