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" GLOW CODE" The uncovered CODE for intensely deep repair and restoration of skin
11 Jun 2018 09:41 | Read 55,080

"GLOW CODE", the uncovered CODE for intensely deep repair and restoration of skin and reviving balance from the inside out with the principle of mesotherapy, which is a special medical technique extremely effective for repairing and restoring skin.  It is praised as the efficient plant extract serum, enriched with 13 purely natural essences and minerals beneficial for skin.     

“Glow Code” contains hyaluronic acid, an active ingredient produced from bio-fermentation, with no animal sources.  Its single molecule, with no agglomerate, can be dispersive into subcutaneous layers rapidly.  It helps repair tissue, reduce aging wrinkles, and reserve long-lasting moisture.  It is best particularly for solving dull skin and fine lines under the eyes.

Satisfied results proven by the French Research Center
90% Protect cells from free-radicals.
256% Generate skin collagen.
366% Inhibit the formation of elastase, an enzyme destrying tissue in human body.

Additionally, it is found that skin health of the test participants revitalized and improved rapidly after using Glow Code.
72% Wrinkles become less noticeable.
102% Skin gets smoother and firmer.
132% Skin becomes soft and moisturized.
144% Skin looks brighter.
Besides hyaluronic acid, “Glow Code” comprises other ingredients that benefit skin health and reduce aging wrinkles, as follows.

“Glow Code” can be used on the following skin areas:

  • Face

  • Neck

  • Upper chest

  • Back of the hand

  • Arms

  • Legs

  • Belly (Abdomen)

The proven results

  • ­Especially best for solving dull skin and fine lines under the eyes.

  • ­Reviving silky smooth and glowing skin and restoring dry and coarse skin.

  • ­Reducing wrinkles on face, neck and upper chest.

  • ­Treating by injection, with no surgery and no recovery after surgery.

  • ­Rapid action of hyaluronic acid, a micromolecule with no agglomerate.

Operating Period
The Procedure takes 15-30 minutes, depending on the skin condition and doctor’s discretion.

Frequency of treatment for optimal results
Phase 1: Skin preparation, every 15 days, 3 times.
Phase 2: Skin repair, monthly, 2 times.
Phase 3: Skin nourishment, twice yearly.


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