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Ultherapy SPT, a new lifting technique, tight and beautiful skin. No need to recuperate.
13 Jul 2021 13:43 | Read 35,584

Ultherapy STP, the latest lifting technique from Ultherapy, debuted in 2021.

Ultherapy SPT ยกกระชับ

          Each person’s skin condition is different. Each person’s specific problem is different. How can the treatment be the same? Technology may be the same but the technique of treatment is the most important. It is like going to a tailor shop that measures the body to fit our body shape. That set will come out fit and most compatible to our bodies. This is different from buying a ready-made clothing that only comes in sizes S M L and XL.

          Ultherapy SPT, an innovation for skin lifting with specific ultrasound waves. It can penetrate deep into the upper muscle layer (SMAS) to help tighten the skin all over the face, lift the eyebrows, reduce wrinkles around the eyes, nasolabial folds, adjust the shape of the face. Adjust sagging skin to be tight and firm without surgery, no need to recuperate. It enhances the skin. You can feel the skin glow, smooth and radiant. This lifting technique has been certified through FDA standards from the United States.

Ultherapy SPT ยกกระชับ

What is SPT?

Ultherapy SPT consists of 3 concepts:

S: is SEE, using technology that can see the real skin. It makes every skin problem visible through the screen and allowing to analyze and plan treatment on the spot.

Ultherapy SPT ยกกระชับ

P is PLAN when we see the structure and skin problems, we are able to evaluate, analyze and plan a treatment to meet the treatment needs in detail and precisely and suitable for individual problems as well.

Ultherapy SPT ยกกระชับ

T is TREAT once we have known the problem and treatment guidelines results would be more efficient. Treatment is planned based on a detailed analysis resulting in a real lifting effect, smooth, radiant and youthful looking skin.

Ultherapy SPT ยกกระชับ

          The advantages of this latest innovation of Ultherapy STP resulting with the highest satisfaction of service recipients. The results are clear and precise and most importantly, no scar and no surgery. Skin is tightened and can feel the results after the treatment.


Who is Ultherapy STP suitable for?

Ultherapy SPT ยกกระชับ

  • Those with sagging skin lack of firmness.

  • People who have wrinkles at various areas on the face, forehead, eyebrows, ptosis, wrinkles around the eyes, neck, nasolabial folds, corners of the mouth.

  • Those who have fat around the sagging cheeks.

  • Those who have a wattle (fat under the chin).

  • Those who want to have defined jawline

  • People with skin problems and want to have smooth, radiant skin and tightened pores. 

  • Those who do not want a surgical tightening because Ultherapy STP does not require surgery and no need to recuperate.

Working principle of Ultherapy SPT
Ultherapy SPT ยกกระชับ
          Ultherapy SPT, an innovative skin lifting technology with ultrasound waves. It releases heat energy deep into the small muscle layer under the skin, known as the SMAS layer which is the skin layer that is at the same depth as the face lift surgery level. When a specific energy wave (focused ultrasound) is sent, it causes the muscles to contract and lift. The skin looks lifted and tightened and the ultra-power also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It enhances the structure of the layers under the skin, improves the wrinkles and skin tightened.

What is the SMAS layer?
Ultherapy SPT ยกกระชับ
          The superficial musculoaponeurotic system or SMAS, the muscle layer under the skin. Approximately 4.5 mm deep under the skin, which is the skin layer between the muscle layer and the subcutaneous fat layer. It is deeper than the dermis layer and have some fibers skin mesh infiltrates between the skin and muscle layers. This area is considered an important point for the skin. It will affect the firmness, flexibility and wrinkles. If the skin layer in this area is sagging or the skin wilts over time it will cause the skin sagging, lack of tightness, wrinkles appear at various areas, signs of drooping eyebrows, corner of the eyes and cheeks.


Where can Ultherapy SPT be done?

  • All over the face

  • Around the eyes area, under the eyes

  • Corner of eyebrows

  • Corner of mouth

  • Cheek wrinkles

  • Neck

The results

Ultherapy SPT ยกกระชับ

The skin on the treated area will feel more lifted, improve wrinkles, smooth skin, tighten pores and restore youthful healthy skin

The results of treatment will begin to change:
         After doing Ultherapy STP, you will begin to feel the change more clearly within 3-4 months after doing it. And will be able to lift and tighten about 1-2 years, the results depend on the individual and how to take care of your skin continuously.
*** Result may vary from person to person

Service period
The treatment takes about 30 – 40 minutes, depending on the treatment area.

Care after service

  • After the treatment, normal daily activities can be resumed. 

  • There may be only a slight swelling in some areas. 

How good is Ultherapy STP at SLC?

  • SLC is the leader in face lifting. Guaranteed by the achievement award for 12 years.

  • All Ultherapy STP tightening machines are genuine and are certified by US FDA and Thai FDA.

  • SLC, we have machines ready to serve in every branch. 

  • Supervised by a specialized physician with of experience in analysing and treating.

  • The results were satisfactory. See real results. Safe and standardized. 

  • Gain confidence from celebrities who choose to use the service, including celebrities and bloggers.

more information

Call Center : +66 2 714 9555

Whatsapp : +66 96 116 0806

Facebook : SLCclinic

Skype : SLCclinic

LINE : @SLCclinic


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