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It’s a job I’m proud of! I have made over an overweight girl to become an air hostess!
Apr 18, 2016 17:19  |  Readed 221,607
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It’s a job I’m proud of! I have made over an overweight girl to become an air hostess!

Update!   Khun Bell, a former “overweight girl” from Makeover by SLC Season 1

Khun Bell ( Kredkaew Thamwanichkul) from Makeover by SLC has had many followers to see her gradually changed looks until she could achieve her life goal.  Today, we are going to remind you about her again.
Khun Bell is a girl who used to weigh 83 kg, which is 20 kg over the standard weight, and her facial proportions were not so good. She claimed that “because I have excess weight this makes me unconfident to do anything, even though I have a strong mind. Due to my education as Public Relation (PR), I used to apply for jobs in companies where most applicants are good looking and I didn’t expect to get those jobs. I also had a small catering business at home during a period of seeking for a job, but the business was not successful, therefore I had to close the business.”

I always “didn’t care” about overweight during my life
“I didn’t care about my appearance and overweight for several years, and I can honestly say that I ate a lot and thought that I could lose the weight using diet pills I got from some clinic, but I got a yoyo effect after I stopped the pills. I was named by my friends as “a fat girl” ever since I was young, but I didn’t mind because I am an assertive person and I always dare to show my talent performances. I used to join as a dancer with some famous singers, but in the concept of big size girls.”

Changed the concept from “don’t care” into “confidence” for a having makeover.
As an assertive person, she liked to show her brilliant performances but sometimes she did not dare to express all the talents she had, because she suffered from overweight condition. Therefore this reason motivated her to apply for joining Makeover by SLC Season 1. And she was chosen to be a participant in this program at “Beauty D Talk”, a first Makeover talk show in Thailand.   

For an extreme makeover of Bell at Makeover program by SLC Season 1. Our specialized doctors carefully planned her treatment program in order for the best results. Her treatment is listed as follows:

1. Double Eye Lid Surgery Click! For more information
Conditions: drooping eyelids, single eyelid with excess upper eyelid fat
Techniques: Small incisions are made on the upper eyelid to remove the excess fat with a secured suture tucking in the eyelid muscle to form a natural double lid fold for alteration of the size and shape of the eyes to harmonize her facial composition and personality.

2. Rhinoplasty Click! For more information
Conditions: flat nasal bridge, short nasal tip, wide and thick alar, and flared nostrils
Techniques: a skilled surgeon recommended her to have 2 Rhinoplasty surgeries. First surgery was to extend the nasal tissue 5-10%, and the second surgery was to enhance the shape and height of the nose to achieve a harmonious state with the rest of the facial composition.

Open Technique Rhinoplasty was performed for both her surgeries, with a silicone implant for the nasal bridge augmentation and an ear cartilage graft for the nasal tip reshaping and supporting the tip as a shield graft. This technique is suitable for people who have a short nasal tip. Nasal tissue extension is required for the first surgery, before having the second surgery together with the nasal wing reduction surgery.

3. Fraxel Restore Laser Click! For more information
Using laser to treat acne scars, activate shedding of damaged cells and reproduction of new skin cells, and also reduce facial blemishes and freckles.

4. Meso Nano Treatment Click! For more information
Nourishing facial skin for a bright and vibrant appearance with the latest technology that breaks down vitamins into nanoparticles that can be absorbed into the skin effectively.

5. Filler injection Click! For more information
Chin reshaping with Hyaluronic Acid injections by a special technique carried out by a skilled doctor.

6. Fat- Dissolving, facial fat deposit elimination in specific sites
Conditions: Chubby cheeks with excess fat
Techniques: Facial reshaping with Fat Dissolving injections to melt and minimize located fat deposits. Active fat dissolving ingredients are injected directly into the area of undesired fat deposits, including cheeks and double chin. With optimum space between the first and subsequent treatments, and treated continuously to achieve the right face shape proportions.

7. Masseter Reduction (Jaw Reshaping) Click! For more information
Facial reshaping with Masseter Reduction injections to reduce the jaw muscle to achieve a V-line face. And Masseter Reduction was also applied to reduce the calve muscle. 

8. Hair Removal Click! For more information
Conditions: Leg hair usually shaved causes thick hair
Techniques: Hair Removal treatment with Gentle Yag Laser. The laser creates a beam of high-intensity light that penetrates deep into the hair follicle, where it safely and effectively removes unwanted hair from all areas without damaging the pores and surrounding skin tissue. Hair loss is permanently if having the treatment continuously and the skin will be smoother with tighter pores.
9. GLC+ a supplement product for weight control Click! For more information
Conditions: Overweight by 20 kg over normal weight 
Techniques: Initially, a specialized doctor recommended her to lose weight 5 kg by herself, using a diet supplement product called GLC+ along with regular exercise, and changing dieting behavior gradually. She lost nearly 7 kg within 2 weeks with a healthy appearance and no tired look, since she strictly changed daily activities and adjusted her eating habits. 

10. Vaser Lipo Selection, a modern fat elimination technology Click! For more information
Conditions: Extra fat in several sites, including upper arms, thighs, and the whole of the abdomen
Techniques: Vaser Lipo Selection was performed since she lost weight by herself until the excess fat could not be released anymore. Vaser Lipo Selection is a fat elimination technique that uses Ultrasonic waves to emulsify fat prior to being removed with a liposuction procedure. It removed extra fat in her upper arms, thighs, and upper and lower belly with a gentle and safe performance. 

Maintaining “self-discipline” to lose weight successfully
Since she entered to the weight loss program with the GLC+ supplement product and Vaser Lipo Selection procedure, she also did exercise regularly and controlled her daily dieting, and as a result she lost body weight gradually with a better body shape.  

Dream of new generation women who desire to “wake up each day with perfect beauty” come true
Apart from her makeover program in terms of reshaping, improving appearance and skin conditions, we also provided her with various cosmetic procedures for “wake up each day with perfect beauty” carried out by Claire, an aesthetic institute of SLC Group, with a list of cosmetic procedures as follows:

11. Eyelash Extensions with Claire Signature Technique  Click! For more information
Provide beautiful lashes and enhanced charming eyes with a natural appearance, light and comfortable, by eyelash extension with a CUTE Style of Claire Signature Technique that uses high standard materials from Korea.

 12. Eyebrow Micropigmentation Click! For more information!
Eyebrow contouring with micropigmentation technique to harmonize eyebrows and facial composition, carried out by a professional stylist. Natural inorganic pigments are implanted beneath the epidermis using a high standard technique from Germany.

Makeover “Overweight girl” to be a pretty girl

Since Khun Bell ("fat girl") got 12 aesthetic treatments of Makeover program, her appearance has changed significantly from an overweight girl with big nasal alar without dimensions, to nowadays... 

Had to declare to immigration department that she was the same person as in the passport
“I had a funny experience, as after I had had Makeover treatments for a period, I went travelling abroad, but I had to spend a long time in immigration, because they didn’t allow me to pass through the country since I looked different from the photo in my passport. By that time I had lost a lot of weight, and improved my facial dimension with V-line slimmer face.”

Unexpected! I became an angel “Air hostess”
“My improved appearance after having makeover treatments enhanced my confidence. There were many people around me applying for air hostess jobs and I desired to have a stable job so I took a personality improving course, and then I applied for an airhostess job with a famous airline. My family members were excited for about the results, and finally I got the job which made me very proud that I achieved my dream.”

However, all photos that relate to an international airline are reserved in order to prevent effecting to any parties. Khun Bell’s successful story can be followed at  

Facebook  : Bella.BeautyDTalk

What’s the feeling of waking up each day with “happiness”? 
“Nowadays, I wake up each day with happiness since I had a chance to join SLC. My life is improved and I achieved my dream career that I never expected before. I wish I can keep this situation for as long as I can. Thank you so much to the medical team and all staff at SLC to provide the makeover for me, and for assisting me in improving my personality until I could achieve my dream. I am so happy for all opportunities I got. I would like to tell anyone who suffers with an appearance like mine to do your best and don’t give up like I did.  And to trust SLC, their medical team and staff will support you to achieve your dream. Today I can support my parents with improved life conditions.” 

SLC is a comprehensive aesthetic clinic. We are pleased to provide you with a makeover to become a new person with ultimate beauty based on your style, under supervision of specialized doctors with the highest standard and safe medical techniques and modern technologies. You only dare to change yourself, makeover is easy.

Thank you
An interview from Khun Bell from Makeover by SLC Season 1
Khun Bell's instagram :  BELLA_ISABELLA
Khun Bell's facebook : Bella.BeautyDTalk

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