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Disappointed! The First Plastic Surgery of this Entrepreneur from Chiang Rai was Not as She Had Expected!
Sep 07, 2016 22:36  |  Readed 133,209
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Disappointed! The First Plastic Surgery of this Entrepreneur from Chiang Rai was Not as She Had Expected!

Today, SLC introduces you to “Miss Mai, Tanitta Elbrat” – a stunning lady from Chiang Rai. Currently, she is the owner of an exporting company. If you’d never known her before, you might think that she is a typical attractive lady. But the reason that Mai wanted to meet us today is to share her own true story that stemmed from her mistake in deciding to undergo a plastic surgery. Her distressing experience almost prevented her from undergoing a plastic surgery ever again.

Mai is considered as the true SLC’s customer who wants to share her story in the most realistic way, for she hopes that her story would be beneficial to those who are currently deciding and seeking information to undergo a plastic surgery.

Disappointed! A Careless Decision to Undergo Plastic Surgery – A Call for the Makeover 

The path to her beauty was not as smooth as she’d expected. She had underwent plastic surgery from various clinics but had to face with many distressing problems due to her lack of contemplation and thorough study. Although she had lost her confidence considerably, with the desire to improve her appearance, she decided to consult with SLC for a makeover –hoping that she would gain back all of her confidence. Let’s now see her transformation from the beginning, before she underwent a plastic surgery.

Serious Mistake! Uneven Breast due to Lack of Knowledge   

“I once did a breast augmentation surgery from one of the clinics, which implanted a silicone above the chest muscles. But the problem was that my breasts became uneven. I began to lose trust in that clinic so I decided to consult with SLC, seeking advice from the doctor to correct the issue. The doctor told me that implanting a silicone above the chest muscles will cause the breasts to appear saggy. So the doctor solved the problem by implanting the silicone under my chest muscles with Allergan 410cc.”

Warning! Study Carefully Before the Surgery to Avoid Disappointment Afterwards

“I would like to advise everyone who wants to undergo a plastic surgery. Since we are bringing a foreign substance into our body, it is necessary to study about it carefully and thoroughly. Before I decided to correct my breasts here, I initially searched for various information and techniques in detail. Then, I began to find a trustworthy clinic and my friends who had previously did their plastic surgery here also recommended me. After the surgery, I was also given a serial number of the silicone as well as a certificate that guarantees the quality of the silicone. For this surgery, the doctor implanted a silicone underneath my chest muscles, which give my breasts a much better shape. I’m really satisfied with the result. For the previous surgery, I have to accept that I didn’t study much about it. I didn’t even know about the brands that have a certified standard or the techniques that are suitable for my breasts.”

Remark: For those who had a silicone implanted above the chest muscles and wish to correct it by implanting the silicone underneath the muscles, it is not applicable for everyone. Some people, after implanting the silicone above the chest muscles, may have a clearly visible saggy breast. If inserted the silicone underneath the muscles, it may result in a double layered breast. Hence, an appropriate solution must be decided by a specialized plastic surgeon. 

Over 2 Years of Stress “The Desire for Immediate Beauty” Through Cheap Orthodontics 

“I have to mention that I had previously underdone an orthodontic treatment from another clinic. At that time, I made a quick and careless decision since the price was cheap. I thought that the results would be the same in every clinic. However, after a short while, my teeth became farther apart and my buck teeth became more apparent for the whole two years and a half. The clinic did not follow up with its customers at all, so I decided to find a new clinic. I contacted back to the old clinic to get my history of treatment but it was already closed down. I therefore consulted with the doctor at Cosdent, who advised me to receive the orthodontic treatment using Damon System. I immediately felt the difference, since it was much comfortable on my mouth. With only about one year, my teeth were perfectly aligned and I was able to remove the braces.” (Click! For more information on Damon System)

Sweet and Pretty Eyes with “Double Eyelid Surgery”

“After my breasts were fully recovered, my personal consultant continued to follow up with my recovery. Once I had gained back my confidence, I decided to undergo a double eyelid surgery because the folds in my upper eyelids were originally small. When I smiled or laughed, it appeared as if my eyes were instantaneously closed. So, my friends recommended me to get my eyes done here. After the surgery, my eyes were swollen for only a few days. I followed the doctor’s advice and the nurse told me that I can continue spending life normally.”(Click! For more information on double eyelid surgery)

“Barbie Lips” and a More Attractive Smile 

“After that, I underwent a lip reduction surgery. I personally prefer thinner lips with nice shape because my lips were originally thick. When I first consulted with the doctor, I told the doctor that I wanted thinner lips that are in shape” (Click! For more information on lip reduction surgery)

2 Years’ Worth of Decision! A Major Surgery for “Cheekbone Reduction” 

“At first, I was scared of the cheekbone contouring surgery. I spent over two years to decide because it is a major surgery on the face. I even thought of doing it abroad but then I later realized that if I were to undergo a surgery abroad, I wouldn’t be receiving a close care from the doctor. If there happened to be any problems, it would be difficult for me. I also did some research on the results and found out that the faces of customers who underwent surgery abroad looked similar. I wanted to retain my own identity, so I decided to do it in Thailand. Also, regarding the fact that SLC has always provided me with genuine recommendations, I trust the doctors here. After that, I consulted with the doctor, who told me that if I reduced the cheekbone, my face will be slimmer. After the surgery, my perception had changed. I once thought that the surgery would be really scary but it was the opposite. It was not as scary as I had thought.” (Click! For more information)

Were You Scared of Cheekbone Contouring Surgery?

“My cheekbones were originally large, both frontally and laterally, which required two sites of incision, including the inside of my mouth and the hairline near the frontal lobes. After the surgery, the incisions were swollen. But with only one week of recovery, I was able to go out for shopping. After a month to a month and a half, everything was starting to come into place. The swelling was reduced pretty fast. Even with a lot of makeup on, I still look young because the hardness of the face that resulted from the cheekbone had reduced.”

Continuous Transformation to “Achieve the Utmost Beauty in My Own Style” 

“After the surgery, I continue to enhance my appearance at SLC, including face contouring, masseter reduction, and gentle yag laser because I had a very narrow forehead. By removing the hairline, my forehead appears wider. I also received a skin treatment through Detox Blink, which gives me a brighter skin and a more radiant complexion. My health is also improved.”


A Happy Life! A Beauty with “Identity”

9 Beauty Services that Transform this Businesswoman from Chiang Rai

1. Gentle Yag Laser – removes hairline and correct the forehead to appear wider (Click! For more information)
2. Double Eyelid Surgery (Click! For more information)
3. Cheekbone Contouring Surgery (Click! For more information)
4. Rhinoplasty Surgery (Click! For more information)
5. Lip Reduction Surgery (Click! For more information on lip reduction)
6. Orthodontic Treatment with Damon System from Cosdent by SLC (Click! For more information)
7. Botox Injection for face contouring and masseter reduction (Click! For more information)
8. Breast Augmentation Surgery (Click! For more information) 
9. Detox Blink – delivers highly concentrated vitamins into the body (Click! For more information)


If someone calls you “The Mother of Plastic Surgery”, what would be your reply? 

“If the plastic surgery enhances my appearance, gives me more confidence, makes me happier person, and it doesn’t affect anybody, I don’t think that it’s a bad thing. I’ve gained a lot of confidence when socializing with other people as well as when communicating with both Thai and foreign entrepreneurs in the business context. When they see me, they are not disturbed by my appearance (laugh).”

“In addition, I am not saying that every girl has to undergo a plastic surgery to look better. Everyone can look better just by starting from changing yourself, such as the hairstyle, the way you dress, or even begin with having a good heart –that’s the true internal beauty.”

“Beauty” Must Come With “Good Attitude” 

“Personally, I think that beauty gives us women more confident. We typically want to be in the attention of other people or our beloved ones. For me, I also want to look better for my loved ones. When I look better, I become more confident and can spread my happiness to other people around me. If an unconfident woman approached me and asked whether I did any plastic surgery, I would certainly tell her the truth. It’s like giving her an inspiration that she can also be pretty on the basis of her own satisfaction. I have to say that, apart from looking better and gaining more confidence, it also gives me more opportunities. But most importantly, having a good attitude helps to improve my characteristics.”

Higher Confidence, Better Life, and Everyone Around Me are Happy

“I wanted to say that I should have decided to undergo a plastic surgery at SLC long time ago. Everything is so right. Everyone around me is happy and pleased with my makeover. I would like to thank for all of the transformations. Back then, I never had the confidence to go anywhere or do various things. But now, I have so many opportunities coming into my life.”

Don’t Want Other People to Repeat My Mistake

“I have been thinking for a long time that one day, I want to share correct and accurate information about the plastic surgery with other people who are still indecisive or are currently seeking information about plastic surgery, since I had previously made a mistake. The good thing for me is that I was able to correct my mistake. But for some people, it may be already too late. Therefore, it is important to study about it thoroughly and to not make a quick decision just because the price is cheap. Some might question whether there is really no cheap but high quality product or service in this world. The answer is that it is not worth our lives to risk it. If we made a mistake, these things are inside our body, which may be harmful to us. If you want to look better, you have to study about it in detail. Right now, I totally feel positive about myself. Everything is perfect. I would like to thank all of the doctors and officers of SLC who have always provided me with a sincere consultation.”

What an elegant and stunning young lady! Sorry to all of the guys, since she already has someone in her heart. 

Thank you for the interview from Mai Tanitta

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