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from ''A guy with terrible facial skin'' to become ''A good looking guy''
Aug. 21, 2015 14:06  |  Readed 190,888
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from ''A guy with terrible facial skin'' to become ''A good looking guy''

Say goodbye to photo applications!! And enjoy “confident looks” with Khun Tham-Sahatham Chumanee from Makeover program Season 3 by SLC. He suffered from terrible facial skin with acne scars, no confidence to meet people, and this affected his job. He was also embarrassed to contact girls, didn’t dare to meet girls in person, just communicated with them online, and used a profile photo created with various photo applications!!! 

Khun Tham told us: “I have had lots of acne since I was a teenager. I had a treatment with a doctor but unfortunately, my facial conditions got worse with large pimples, pustules, pus acne, etc. all over my face. I had suffered with this problem for 10 years where I didn’t have self-confidence, neither at work, nor at meetings. I didn’t dare to meet girls in person, I merely communicated with them via online. They usually went away once they met me in person."

We will not talk about your sad experiences anymore!! Let’s see how he treated his facial skin to become good looking nowadays. 

Today at SLC, he visits us again…wow!! He looks like a super model!!

Earlier, he had experiences with worrying so much about facial appearance with deep acne scars. His main problem was that the acne scars were old scars which caused uneven facial textures (the skin had a wave-like appearance) for more than 10 years. His facial condition was severe!! Therefore, our doctors provided him with various treatments for the best result.

The treatments included using a Fraxel Laser treatment to reform new skin tissue, along with an E Matrix treatment to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment for firm and smooth facial skin

Fraxel Laser is a treatment for deep skin layer problems, such as acne scars. It improves old and deep acne scars, stimulates the function of the collagen underneath the skin, and results in firmer and smoother skin. However, the frequency of treatments depends on the skin conditions of each individual. Khun Tham suffered from a severe problem of his facial skin, so he needed having Fraxel treatments often with discretion and supervision of the specialist doctor for every treatment.  

“I was very excited for every treatment. I didn’t have any pain during the treatments, maybe because I was confident that my facial condition would improve gradually. In my experience, I think the Fraxel Laser treatments were more uncomfortable compared to the E Matrix treatment, since I had to avoid sunlight and my face usually became red after the Fraxel treatments for a longer period of time compared to having the E Matrix treatments. 
For Khun Tham, the E Matrix treatment was required along with the  Fraxel Laser treatment, since E Matrix improves skin textures of the superficial skin layer for a smoothened and softened texture, and Fraxel Laser treats deep scars to become shallower. Also, E Matrix acts as a reinforcement of smooth and soft skin!!  
It is recommended to perform a combination of the 2 procedures several times to achieve smooth and even facial skin. This depends on the skin condition of each individual.

“My facial skin texture was improved and my acne scars became shallower since I started treatment with  E Matrix. I think a combination of Fraxel Laser and  E Matrix provided very good results for my facial skin, as I could see a result immediately since the first treatment, and acne scars became shallower quickly. The skin was slightly red, but that lasted only a week after the treatment; and I didn’t need to avoid sunlight.

Today, Khun Tham - a guy who used to have facial skin similar to the moon's surface, and with no confidence at all to become an actor, is starring in a movie made by “Film Saran” company called “Hor Hian Krian Sud Kob”, which will be released soon. Don’t forget to follow his movies.

Woops!! I had to ask him on behalf of many girls if he’s got a girlfriend. He answered immediately that: “Previously, he used to be the choice of girls, but now he no longer sees himself as the choice girls; he prefers to choose someone for himself" Aha! He is not an ordinary guy anymore!

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