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Skin Booster™ วิตามินบูสต์ผิวเด็ก 5 Free 1 ราคา 99,500 บาท
Normal Price
119,400.00 Bath
Special Discount 99,500.00 Bath
* Reservation can be made frome today
Until 30 Apr 2023 **

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Skin Booster™ วิตามินบูสต์ผิวเด็ก 5 Free 1 ราคา 99,500 บาท

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Baby Ski

Terms of Service For   :  Skin Booster™ วิตามินบูสต์ผิวเด็ก 5 Free 1 ราคา 99,500 บาท

Terms & Conditions

  • This voucher is valid for single treatment only

  • For “Bank Transfer Payment”, once you completed payment, please confirm your payment by sending bank transfer slip to Line: SLCClinic or Website: SLCClinic.com

  • You can choose over-the-counter payment by paying at any branches of SLC Clinic within 3 days after online reservation

  • For bank transfer and credit card payment, your information will be automatically recorded, you can make a booking for service

  • Please make a booking 1-2 days in advance

  • Please show this voucher on arrival

  • This voucher is non-refundable

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