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A medical conference ‘‘Revive and restore the most intimate area’’ by a specialist from USA
Apr 04, 2016 12:38  |  Readed 2,768
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ประชุมแพทย์ เรื่อง ความงามด้านการรักษาฟื้นฟูช่องคลอด “Vaginy Tight by THERMItight VA”
At a medical conference on 6th of November 2015, we – SLC Siam Laser Clinic – appreciate Dr. Red Alinsod, from the Institute for Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery in the USA, for kindly giving a lecture on the topic of the latest innovation for vaginal restoration called "Vaginy Tight by THERMI tight VA. Vaginy Tight uses specific radiofrequency energy called ThermiRF which can revive and tighten internal and external vaginal tissue. The radiofrequency energy was designed for sensitive tissue with a gentle function, no discomfort, no rehabilitation requirements, no influence towards cancer, and to ultimately restore and revive feminine wellness. This technology is safe and has been approved by the US-FDA
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