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A surgical procedure to correct saggy and shapeless breasts after pregnancy
18 Mar 2016 21:30 | Read 19,122

Physical changes of "breasts” during pregnancy until “post-pregnancy"

During pregnancy, there is hormonal changing in Estrogen, Progesterone, Gonadotropin, Prolactin, Placental Lactogen, etc. These hormones are a direct result of the increase in the breast size with enlargement of the milk ducts and milk glands. There are also pigment changes, and you may find that your nipples are getting bigger and darker and areolas- the pigmented circles around your nipples- will also become bigger and darker. Normally, pregnancy breasts will enlarge 1 - 2 times compared to before pregnancy. And at the end of pregnancy, you will have tender breasts and the breasts will start producing colostrum or creamy first milk.

2 - 3 days after giving birth, if the breasts are activated by baby sucking or milk pumping which stimulates prolactin hormone that is produced from the pituitary gland, then the milk gland will completely produce milk. Breast milk is enriched in vitamins, immune factors (antibodies), and fat that is beneficial to infants. Therefore, breastfeeding is recommended for having good health for both the baby and the mom, and there should be milk release (sucking or pumping) continuously.

3 months after giving birth Prolactin hormones decline gradually to normal level, so breasts will be softer compared to after giving birth, and milk production is getting lower (let down reflex). Enlarged milk glands and milk ducts will return to their normal condition. The main reasons of saggy breasts are fat nutrient loss during breastfeeding, degeneration of the breast ligaments since they held enlarged breasts during the lactation period, and also lack of care for breasts during the breastfeeding period, such as not wearing a bra or wearing the wrong type of bra. 


Appropriate period to have breast surgery post-pregnancy   

After breastfeeding stops and the breasts have returned to normal condition at least 6 months after stopping breast feeding, the surgeon can see the breasts in their actual appearance and be able to design a treatment plan. For post-pregnancy breast surgery, you are required to have a consultation with a specialized and experienced surgeon, and the surgery have to be carried out in a trusted and standardized cosmetic surgery center. There are 2 types of breast surgery, as follows:
1. Breast augmentation, which involves using medical grade silicone implants that have been approved by the U.S. FDA to volumize, tone, firm and enhance the attractiveness or appeal of the entire breast area. Click for more information!
2. Breast reduction surgery is a procedure used to remove excess fat, tissue and skin from saggy breasts or large breasts to achieve firm breasts with a size proportionate to the body. Click for more information!

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more information

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Whatsapp : +66 96 116 0806

Facebook : SLCclinic

Skype : SLCclinic

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