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Clinic Service
22 Jul 2015 11:02 | Read 17,450

This technique is using a small needle inserted through a puncture in the skin surface to release any tethering fibrous bands. The depressed acne scars are lifted by the releasing action of the procedure, as well as from connective tissue and collagen that form during the course of normal healing of a wound. A combination of subcision with Fraxel Laser treatment is recommended in order to achieve effective results.

  • Acne scars will have improved appearance in 6 weeks after the first treatment, since the connective tissue and collagen are formed after the tethering fibrous bands are released. This technique is suited for people who have had depressed acne scars for a long period.

  • There may be bruises at the beginning of the treatment, due to small incisions.

  • However, bruising will disappear within a week.

  • Can repeat 3-4 treatments every 3-6 weeks for significantly noticeable improvement.

Treatment sessions

  • About 30 - 45 minutes / treatment, depends on treated site.

  • Repeat 4 – 5 treatments for noticeable result.

  • A week spaced apart between the first and next treatment, and depends on skin condition.

 After treatment care

  • Ice application on the operated site on the day to reduce bleeding or swelling.

  • Recovery time is not required.

  • You can resume all normal activities after treatment. 

For more information
Call Center : +66 2 714 9555
Whatsapp : +66 96 116 0806
Facebook : SLCclinic
Skype : SLCclinic 
LINE : @SLCclinic


more information

Call Center : +66 2 714 9555

Whatsapp : +66 96 116 0806

Facebook : SLCclinic

Skype : SLCclinic

LINE : @SLCclinic


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