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Fraxel Restore Laser to remove stretch marks (buttocks)
18 Mar 2022 16:06 | Read 7,872

Fraxel Restore Laser to remove stretch marks (buttocks)


          It's almost summer and time to be beautiful! I want to wear a bikini to show off my beautiful figure but secretly I have stretch marks on the buttocks which makes me lose confidence!

          Many young women will have to face the problem of stretch marks or cracked skin which can happen to both obese and thin people.  When it happens, leaving it for a long time makes it more difficult to treat. Applying a nourishing cream may not be enough to overcome the problem. Just like the famous blogger, Ms. Ayata, she was secretly worried about stretch marks on the buttocks. Made her lose quite a bit of her life because when you have to wear a swimsuit or a bikini, the more obvious the marks, the more you lose confidence.

Causes of stretch marks
          Most stretch marks are caused by stretching and enlargement of the skin and tissues, which if there is more weight, it will cause the expansion of the body, causing the skin structure of the collagen layer to be destroyed, until there are wrinkles and cracks at various points depending on the weight gain of a person or for those who are pregnant mothers. Once you encounter problems with stretch marks which is caused by the rapid expansion of the womb, they will occur in the middle layer of skin and this is the point where there is a large amount of fat accumulation.

          In addition to obese people or pregnant mothers, stretch marks can happen to skinny people too. It is because when entering the age when the body is growing, it causes the stretching of the skin to occur if not properly maintained or cared for, and therefore resulting in stretch marks.

Common spots for stretch marks
The most common place to get stretch marks are places where fat accumulates.

  • abdomen

  • hip

  • bottuks

  • upper arm

  • thighs

  • chest

  • armpit

  • calf (back)

Stretch marks are divided into 4 types
The beginning of the stretch marks of the skin will initially become red in the early stages and will have a lighter color in later stages until the red mark fade to become an opaque white mark which is then known as a stretch mark that cannot heal on its own.  These kind of stretch marks need a laser to make them fade, which can be divided into 4 major types:

  1. Striae distensae are characterized by stretching of parallel stripes.

  2. Satrophicans are characterized by parallel stripes with atrophy of the skin.

  3. Striae rubra is characterized by red parallel stripes.

  4.  Striae alba is characterized by white parallel stripes.


          In the case of Ayata, the doctor recommended Fraxel Restore Laser, a Gold Standard laser that is highly safe. It helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, even if they are stretch marks that have been there for a long time. The laser will release Mid Infrared light waves to repair the skin, stimulate collagen production, and to adjust the stretch marks of the skin to be smooth, without causing scarring or any other side effects on the surrounding skin.

          In addition to helping to heal stretch marks, Ayata also has scars which are caused by skin injection and it was done in a way that damaged the skin instead. It left scars, so “I tried Fraxel Restore Laser on the scars point. At this point, the laser will stimulate the exfoliation of old skin cells, ready to create flexibility for the skin and will continue to adjust the scars to fade and adjust the skin to be smooth like the original skin.”
          For the stretch marks on the buttocks, when left untreated, the cracks will become white lines. This will make treatment difficult and time consuming. Many laser treatments were required, but the doctor made the scars go down a lot. Ayata felt very good. “I can wear a bikini now all the time and I'm more confident. I want to tell the ladies that if you have stretch marks, don't leave it for a long time. You must treat it as early as you can!”


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