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The bride-to-be announces! “Plastic surgery is not a fad” How to survive it and become beautiful.
Nov 21, 2016 14:28  |  Readed 83,533
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The bride-to-be announces! “Plastic surgery is not a fad” How to survive it and become beautiful.

Until "Beauty" comes to an impending marriage...  

A beautiful young skincare online business owner “Khun Sai Pirinya” is saying goodbye to bachelorhood so we would like to interview her to comment on her plastic surgery before becoming “a soon to be bride" and when it comes to love, she said with a smile that “I had asked my boyfriend whether he like plastic surgery or not and he said even if he’d met me before the plastic surgeries, he would also have liked me and  jokingly said that it was good that he met me after the surgeries because he would have had to spend lots of money (Laughs). But he said that he likes me for my personality.  He likes women with this mentality.  Even if we were committed before the surgery and I wanted to do it, would he let me?  He would still let me because he understands that it normal for women wanting to be beautiful"

When “work” and “beauty” has to come together:
Besides being good at working, of course, with her job,  "Beauty" is also important so she also needs to be good at care taking of herself to always look good. Let's see how she has changed and when we talked about “her opinion on “Makeover Surgery”, even if she had had many done on her, she doesn’t support everyone to do it.  Let’s see how her opinions and decisions on each surgery are?

From “Western (Farang)”  to “Asian” look:  
“I personally think that my face before the surgeries wasn’t that bad and have never been ridiculed.  There had been many foreigners flirting with ne before the surgeries but I like Asian style better. Many people had asked me “why would I want to get surgeries done, you’re already pretty but I thought that  If I was only 70% pretty, why not make it 100% and my 1st surgery went well so I was no longer scare”


Surgery is not a fad! Think long and hard before undergoing it:
“When I thought about undergoing plastic surgery, there was not as much competition on social media as there are today.  I have to accept that social media nowadays has lots of influence on women to the point that I sometimes think that It is surgery! It’s not a fad.  How can you just decide to do it just because you want to? If it fails to come out well, you’ll  feel really bad and another thing is that I didn’t come out here to say that if you want to be beautiful, you’ll need to go get it done or do every part, there are numerous ways to make us look better.  It actually depends on our satisfaction and decision.  Before I decided on going through with it, I had researched on the techniques, doctor experience, and reviews from different sources. I even contacted places of interest to check on the techniques and prices.  I also actually visited each place to make sure that it is creditable and clean.  Each place has different technique for different body parts.  Additionally, besides medical knowledge, we should also ask for information on our safety.  It is certain that we want the best for us.  After getting all the information, you need to decide on the best place.  The reason I selected SLC was because since I have live in Thailand and  I have any question, I can simply go to see the doctor and I also have friends that have surgeries done there and I personally saw the changes in them”.

“Makeover Surgery” do one part each time to see how much you’ve changed to be satisfied  
1. Chin Augmentation
“Chin was my first surgery. It was an opening of my mouth. The results came out ok. The numbness lasted for only a few days with very little swelling.  This is because the clinic will normally provide after surgery care.  I was injected with swelling reduction medication for 3 consecutive days and got the stitches removed within 7 days. You are able to live life normally after the surgery” (Click! for more information on Chin Augmentation)

2. Double Eyelid Surgery
“I had hooded eyelids.  When I went to work, I had to tape my eyelids.  I also thought that it was unique.  The doctor considered them and decided to perform double eyelid surgery by using laser. The eyes would feel heavy for roughly 2-3 days after the surgery. However, you can still live your life normally and the doctor was really good.  It only took about 30 minutes and there was even no swelling” (Click! for more information on Double Eyelid Surgery).


3. Cheekbone Surgery
“The surgery is very important.  I want to tell those who are thinking of this surgery whether in Thailand or abroad to review your face structure with X - Ray first because doctors have advised that when the cheek bone is reduced, the face will look sweeter and younger and before the surgery, anesthesia is required. Therefore, to be safe, anesthesia must be administered by a specialist anesthesiologist only.  After the recovery, there must be recuperation.  I had the doctor cut my outer cheek skin to surgically sharpen the cheekbone. There also had to be garment placed on the face”

“When the operation is finished, I had to be recuperating at the hospital one night for the doctor to take care of me by lying on high pillows with hot compress in the early phase followed by cool compress. I thought that it is very necessary that we need to be close to doctors for this big surgery. Afterward, there was always someone taking care of me until my facial swelling subsided back to normal "(Click! for more information on Cheekbone Surgery)

4. "Babii Lips"

“My mouth was straight without shape so I wanted a plastic surgeon to make it to be more slender shape by using laser to cut on the mouth and retouch the wound”

3.  Rhinoplasty
“In the matter of rhinoplasty, I think that there are many people that worry whether their noses will break through or not and would the face be hard?  I personally, think that rhinoplasty can be done according to our own nose base. I’ve never believed that we’ll get the same nose shape as the picture of a star nose that we bring to the doctor. The fact is it will be based on our original nose. How much can we modify it should be depended on the doctor.  Some will end up with the silicone piercing if too much modification is done. Let’s not take that risk.” (Click! for more information on rhinoplasty)

“My first nose job went well so I felt more confident. After about a year, I went to get my second nose job with the objective was to have a longer nose pointing higher but it couldn’t be done due to my nose base so the first nose job was just to stretch the tissue first but not quite high with Korean silicone. Then I went for my 2nd nose job which was done with silicone and the cartilage behind the ear.  I whispered to my doctor ear that I wanted it to be pointing as high as possible.  I’m satisfied with this nose and no longer want to change it. 
6. Vaser
“I’ve sucked out a little of cheek fat for the face to be more slender”
The soon to be bride has undergone the makeover surgeries to change from “Western" to “Asian” look.

She did everything with her own money but want to not be stingy with her knowledge!

“Everything I did was paid by me. This included comparing in both countries outside the country. I was asked by the clinic to share my experience.  I didn’t hesitate and I want everyone to be safely beautiful after the surgery. Besides the surgery, the clinic also had been taking care of me here.  The beauty depends on the satisfaction of each person.”

  1. Dolly Eyes filler injection for the eyes to be adorable  (Click! for more information on Filler injection)

  2. Massetter Reduction to reduce jawbone (Click! for more information on  Massetter Reduction)

  3. Thermage CPT to tighten the skin, reduce cheek far sharpens the face twice as much  (Click! for more information on Thermage CPT)

  4. Face Lifting for sharpening the cheekbone once (Click! for more information on Face Lifting)

  5. White Laser to reduce blemishes and to brighten the face  (Click! for more information on White Laser)

  6. Basic Course, whitening program (Click! for more information on Basic Course)

  7. RF, skin tightening (Click!  for more information on RF)

  8. Skin Treatment Program to whiten armpit  (Click! for more information on Skin treatment)   

  9. Detox Blink skin health and beauty vitamin (Click! for more information on Detox Blink)

  10. Fraxel Restore Laser to grow new skin and treat pimple scars  (Click! or more information on Fraxel Restore Laser)



Good health from the inside “horse riding" can provide good shape, do not have to starve! 

“I like exercising.  Before I was doing fitness by myself but now my boyfriend is also doing it with me, bike riding and what I like most is horse riding.  We might as well look good form both the outside and the inside. I like horse riding so much that I even compete.  We can look good but our health also has to be good by exercising 3-4 times a week and choosing what to eat.  There’s no need to NOT eat.  I want others to take care of their health in their 30’s”  

What do you want to tell those who want to undergo makeover surgery?
“Every time someone asked me about getting surgery, they would just want to know the promotion and would just go ahead and do it.  However, I’d tell them to first do research on the information from many sources. I myself would personally conduct my research on the surgical information and reviews from international cases. I compared international surgical cases with those around me that have done it in Thailand, I found that there has been no difference. In other words, no one would know whether it was done in Thailand or abroad if we don’t tell them. Another thing is the surgery no matter where when it's on our face, of course we have to worry. So I chose the clinic that was found to be safe, trustable after researching the review, we learned that it is safe to rely on, and the price is not as high as going abroad but is closely monitored by a medical doctor. I also want to thank SLC for taking care of me the whole time. 

It can be said that she was very lucky that people closed to her understand the changes and needs of women. We would like to congratulate the soon to be bride and thank those beloved service users for trusting us to take care of you.

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