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Breast Reduction surgery
22 Jul 2015 15:03 | Read 11,665

Breast Reduction surgery 
Breast Reduction can help people with oversized breasts who are suffering from various problems, such as neck, back, and shoulder pain caused by the weight of large breasts. These conditions can induce chronic headache, wrong structure of the back and shoulders, breathing difficulty, as well as limiting participation in some activities with others.

Nowadays, enlarged breast in men is a condition that can be found in 40-50% of the male population. Male breast enlargement might be caused by some syndromes or some medication. The breast size may be reduced through breast reduction surgery for improving physical image and confidence.
There are 2 techniques of Breast Reduction surgery, as follows:

  1. Remove breast fat with Vaser Liposelection

  2. Remove the mammary gland and surrounding tissue, and make an incision of excess skin. Some skin is removed to wrap the breast tissue in a tighter envelope. The surgery gives a smaller breast its new contour, and balances with the body size. This surgery technique can be applied to men as well.

Post-treatment care

  • Follow post-operative care instructions strictly.

  • Clean body by wiping for 7 days. You can resume taking shower 7 days after the surgery. You don’t need to clean the surgical wounds until you have a follow-up meeting with the surgeon.

  • Avoid lifting heavy objects in the first month.

  • Let bandages remain for 2 weeks.

  • Avoid wearing underwire bras for 2 weeks. You can use a sports bra instead.

  • Follow up with your doctor, and contact your doctor immediately if there are any abnormal signs.

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