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22 Jul 2015 14:21 | Read 179,752

Double Eyelid Surgery
The Eyelid Surgery procedure has become extremely popular and more beautiful and vibrant looking eyes through the desired crease are possible today. There are several techniques created to do that now. Eyelid surgery is suited for people who have excess skin and fat on the upper eyelid which can create a heavy looking eyelid, people who have uneven eye sizes, or people with drooping eyelids.

2 Surgical procedures for Double Eyelid Surgery ‘‘Idol Eyes’’ 

 1. Suturing double eyelid surgery (Non incision)
This technique is performed with thread suturing; therefore the sutured thread can fall off.
This technique is suited for people who have a single eyelid with not too much excess skin and fat.

2. Removing excess fat in eyelids with mini incision
A small incision is made on the upper eyelid to remove the excess fat with no visible scar and a quick recovery.
This technique is suited for people who have a single eyelid with too much excess fat. 

Review - Double Eyelid Surgery


Post- surgery care

  • Place ice pack or cold towel over the surgical sites, including forehead, eyelids, the skin under the eye, and the nose tip for 48 hours after surgery.

  • Take bandages away 24 hours after the surgery, and do not contact treatment areas with water within 7 days after surgery.

  • Avoid using contact lenses for 2-3 weeks after surgery.

  • Exercise eyelids regularly in order to reduce swelling and resume normal condition quickly.

For more information
Call Center : +66 2 714 9555
Whatsapp : +66 96 116 0806
Facebook : SLCclinic
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more information

Call Center : +66 2 714 9555

Whatsapp : +66 96 116 0806

Facebook : SLCclinic

Skype : SLCclinic

LINE : @SLCclinic


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