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Eye Bag Surgery
03 May 2017 20:12 | Read 53,857

“Eye Bag” Makes You Look Older than Your Age?

The most common indicators of age are inevitably the abnormality of skin and the sagginess of face. Indeed, “eye bag” is regarded as the “crucial enemy” that makes you look older than your age. Likewise, it contributes to a tired-looking face that consequently depletes self-confidence. Currently, there are various medical techniques, including injection and surgery, which can be used to reduce eye bags and the appearance of puffy eyes. Let’s first understand the causes of puffy eyes.

“Eye Bag” can occur in two areas under the eye: 

1. Temporary Eye Bag is a condition of swelling under the eye due to abnormal behaviors, such as lack of sleep, prolonged crying spell, eye rubbing, regular intake of alcoholic beverages, excessive use of eyes, or even allergic reactions. The symptoms caused by these abovementioned events are only temporary. The skin under the eyes will return to its normal condition after taking good care of yourself, applying cold compression frequently, and getting enough sleep.

2. Permanent Eye Bag is mainly caused by “genetics”. Humans normally have three bags under the eyes. However, in the presence of abnormal functions of the endocrine glands in the body, fluids will be excessively accumulated around the under-eye area, resulting in the appearance of puffiness. This condition may be caused by prolonged skin degeneration or the relaxation of tissues under the eye due to natural aging process. Some may even experience the symptom since in their early 20s. Yet, this condition can be resolved by “eye bag surgery”.

Two Methods of Incision for “Eye Bag Surgery”

1. Internal Incision: Suitable for young people with minor puffiness of the eye bags. This method will specifically remove fats from the desired area.  

2. External Incision: This method is performed by incising the skin underneath the eye. It is suitable for older people. Other than the removal of fats, this method will also target the eyelids and fat sockets under the eyes. 

Procedures of “Eye Bag Surgery”

1. The medical specialist will design and assess the excess eye bag that must be removed.

2. Inject an anesthetic to specific areas to reduce pain.

3. After the skin is incised with a scalpel, a laser beam will be used to prevent bleeding, which reduces the risk of swelling.

  • For external incision, the size of incision will be in accordance with the length of the lower eyelids, which sometimes may also cover the outer corner of the eyes depending on the surgeon’s decision.

  • For internal incision, it will be only 0.5-1cm. in length.

4. Remove excess fats.

5. For patients with major sagginess of the skin, the surgeon will remove the excess skin to be appropriate with each individual’s face.

6. Stich the incision with fineness through expertise of the medical specialist.

Possible Reoccurrence of Under-Eye Fats after Surgery? 
After the fats have been removed from under the eyes, they will not reappear. However, the skin may bulge a little due to the relaxation of muscles under the eyes. This problem can be resolved by undergoing a lower eyelid lifting treatment.

Duration of “Eye Bag Surgery” 
45-60 minutes 

Before-After Pictures of Eye Bag Surgery


Post-Surgery Care

1. Sleep with your head elevated at least 45 degrees for a minimum of one week.

2. Apply a cold compression on a regular basis during the first 48 hours and apply a warm compression for another 2-3 days to reduce swelling. Minor swelling may occur after the surgery and will disappear within 3-7 days, depending on each individual.

3. During the first 3-4 days, use the wound dressing kit as prescribed by the doctor. Do not wipe or rub the wound.

4. Apply eye drops and take medication according to the prescription.

5. Do not wear contact lens and avoid putting on makeup for about 2 weeks after the surgery.

6. Protect the wound from direct contact with water until the removal of stitches 7 days after the surgery.

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